Friday Findings & Mary Poppins

I love Fridays. Love them for so many reasons. It’s nearly the weekend, we usually get to go on a date, or spend a little more time together than usual, and we get to sleep in past 5:30 am. YES. I love Fridays. There’s so much anticipation! Another reason I love Fridays:: a lot of blogs post weekend reading lists or interesting findings they’ve had and they share with the world before they head into their weekend. Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo is one of these lovelies I’m talking about. I look forward to her links every Friday. On this particular Friday, she shared a link to some wonderful discoveries but the highlight for me was an A-MAZINGGG Mary Poppins remix. Now let’s learn a little bit about W shall we? Music & Disney. Sold. So before I even pressed play on this, it was a given I was going to love it. But it was so much better than that! This is not just a remix. Oh no. It’s a brilliant composition of music, audio, and sound clips from the movie paired with the actual clips from the film. And the artist, Nick Bertke has oodles of them. PURE BRILLIANCE I tell you. I was so drawn in by his talent that I watched a whole mini-documentary on how he does what he does…I was floored. This, my friends, is talent. In his words he’s “creating a language that encapsulates [his] love for a movie, game, or person.” All I can say is, watch it for yourself. You will be stunned.

I feel like I have a lot of Mary Poppins stories. It was one of the few movies we watched over and over again when we at my grandma’s house. I’m pretty sure I read Mary Poppins more than 5 times growing up and it’s been one of my favorite movies since I can remember. For my 17th birthday, my mom got me the anniversary edition DVD and I let someone borrow it and never saw it again…so sad.  And during my senior year of high school. we drove to Disneyland over spring break to see Julie Andrews at Disneyland have a carousel horse dedicated to her. Do you know which one it is? If you come to Disneyland with me, I’ll show you! When I was a sophomore in college, my dad took me on a trip to New York, just the two of us, and we saw Mary Poppins on broadway. Let’s just say I about melted when they tap danced on the ceiling. Mary Poppins is a big deal.

In other news, can we talk about how excited I am to see this!? I can’t wait for fall, but I am officially thrilled for December to arrive.

Wishing you a Friday that’s a spoonful of sugar!

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