Julie + Edgar || second shooting with Emily Magers Photography

A few weeks ago, I had the immense privilege & opportunity to second shoot a wedding with Emily Magers of Emily Magers Photography. The day turned out to be everything that Edgar & Julie had hoped for and it was such a joy to see their love be promised before family & friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Emily for allowing me to learn alongside you!

These are the moments I had the joy of capturing:: julie_edgar3 julie_edgar2 julie_edgarwedding edgar&julie-2074 edgar&julie-2081 edgar&julie-2093 edgar&julie-2092 edgar&julie-2094 edgar&julie-2101 edgar&julie-2132 edgar&julie-2142 edgar&julie-2147 edgar&julie-2154 edgar&julie-2151 edgar&julie-2143 julie_edgar4 edgar&julie-2185 edgar&julie-2183-2 edgar&julie-2179 edgar&julie-2164 edgar&julie-2261 edgar&julie-2262 edgar&julie-2264 edgar&julie-2326edgar&julie-2340-2edgar&julie-2358-2 edgar&julie-2363-2 edgar&julie-2364-2 edgar&julie-2378

Location: 94th Aero Squadron, Van Nuys

View Emily’s gallery here.

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