Anthro Love

Anthro Love
Oh Anthro, never will you cease to win me over with your charm & beauty.
Last night, I had the extreme privilege and joy of assisting Freutcake with an Anthro Event themed on Preserving Summer. We made freshly jarred pickles and a whole bunch of new friends & I loved every second of it. Leah is just the sweetest little hostess you will ever meet and darling darling darling. I am loving the opportunity to learn and grow alongside her >> so fun & such a joy! Back to last night’s fun // we swarmed the Anthropologie in Santa Monica with Ball jars & cucumbers and pickled the night away. It was so quick, I’ve already started thinking about what else I could pickle. I think I might try this recipe over the weekend just for fun! Of course, walking into Anthro is like being in a candy store–colors and patterns and home goodies galore. So of course I started compiling a little wish list in my head of lovelies. I love love love this layered necklace and these teal shoes are just too cute. Alas, this list will be kept strictly to wishing // hoping for the sake of an exciting upcoming trip to San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Half!! Training has officially begun & the miles are quickly adding up. My calves are feeling it but I’m loving running outside as the weather has taken a turn for the cooler side in the evenings. That’s the update, friends! Happiest of Thursdays to all!

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  1. I love this collage! I just started my blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! followed btw xx

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