scout » the newest lucas


Meet Scout. The newest member of our little family. We met her at the Burbank animal shelter in September after she was found on the street with another {much larger} dog. Her brown eyes melted my heart when I wandered through the shelter on my lunch break. But she had to go with her friend…plus we weren’t allowed to have pets in our apartment. F A S T F O R W A R D :: 3 weeks. I went back to the shelter to see if my brown eyed friend was still there. She was. But with a different roommate! I asked where the larger dog had gone & was told he had hip dysplasia and didn’t make it through surgery. Brown eyed friend would be available for adoption the next day.

In a whirlwind of events next thing I knew Bryan and I were picking her up & taking her home » the same weekend that we moved in 2 days after much prayer & thanks to our sweet friends.

Scout became her name & as always, the adventure began. We quickly learned her favorite things and the things we hoped she would grow out out of. She loves to snuggle, she often naps, she gives kisses freely, and she loves to be loved. She has completely stolen our hearts & we love her so.


Photos by our sweet & talented friends at Orange Owl Photography

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