Fall {3 Days to 6 Months}


While most of the country started sliding on boots & pulling sweaters over their heads, our Southern California weather maintained its 3 digit consistency. But fall is still our favorite season.

What We Lived. 

ImageJune Lake:: Fishing//Camping//Hiking//AdventuringImageImageStarted spending Sundays with 3-year olds. ImageWon the jackpot playing the Price is Right at Sherman Oaks Castle Park {1000 tickets!}ImageSpent lunches studying God’s Word in my new favorite spot. ImageCelebrated the Marriage of Cory & Kristine Cramer {9.16.12}ImageWent on a date to the El Capitan to find Nemo in 3D.

What We Loved.

  • B E I N G  H O M E
  • C A M P I N G  I N  T H E  O P E N  A I R
  • T R Y I N G  N E W  R E C I P E S
  • V I S I T I N G  T H E  P O U N D  T O  S E E  O U R  B R O W N – E Y E D  F R I E N D

What We Learned.

  • T H E  I M P O R T A N C E  O F  L E T T E R S
  • B E I N G  I N T E N T I O N A L  I N  L O V I N G  D A I L Y

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