scout goes camping

I love the Fourth of July! It always makes me think of barbecues, s’mores, camping, and spending all day outside. That’s how we spent ours! Our lack of planning ahead put us in a scramble deciding what we should do and we decided to head back to the mountains for the long weekend, this time with Scout shoved in the back between the tent, our duffel bags, and the cooler. She loved it. Her little hunter nose was going crazy & we played lots of Where’s Scout? She even went fishing with B out on the lake! Here’s a little iPhone recap of our Fourth. See if you can find Scout!



The one thing we haven’t experienced yet on the Fourth is fireworks. Last year, we stayed in tackling our closet and a new bookcase since B immediately started work after our honeymoon and we had too many projects on weekends to finish them all; and this year it POURED. Not like a light sprinkle. We’re talking the biggest raindrops we’d ever seen and hailstones the size of skipping rocks. We couldn’t believe it! So maybe next year we’ll get to see fireworks.

Another Lucas adventure in the books! Until next time…

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