and then the young grow…

For 20 years of my life, there were 4 Kanes. Then Wilson came along. Then there were 5. But Kinley always still seems like the youngest to me. The one who was always making the most bold comment, getting away with the biggest stunts, and carrying the feistiest attitude. As we’ve grown up she’s become one of my dearest friends, and Bryan & her have a mutual love and feisty humor that I absolutely adore. I’ll never forget the speech she made as my maid of honor and how hard she makes me laugh with her commentary. In the midst of attending everyone else’s extracurricular activities, Kin found her niche in soccer. Starting in AYSO & being the roughest girl on the field but crying when her socks got wet. Playing club soccer and deciding she wanted to play in high school. And making the varsity team by the time she was a sophomore, finishing out her senior year as a captain. She has worked with immense passion and true dedication and has now decided to continue her journey on the field at The Master’s College. And she has the incredible opportunity to travel with them to Haiti this summer on a mission’s trip. She sent out a letter to share her excitement with family and friends so we shot a few photos for her to add in. Tonight, she graduates from high school and her next chapter begins. Kinley, we are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what the Lord has next for you as you continue to pour your energy into the talents He has given you and your love into the people who surround you.





kinley-5Isn’t she the cutest thing? We love you Kin!! Congratulations on your graduation!

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