farmer's market

Since we’ve been married one of our most favorite things is weekends. Since we both have full time jobs, we love that those two days allow us an abundance of time together. Most Saturdays we like to head to the (not so local) Farmer’s Market a few miles north of us in Calabasas. Swimming with people and alive with color, we trek from stand to stand, absorbing the colors and intaking the smells of citrus, herbs, fresh fish, and homemade candles. Always a blur of sights and sounds as you try to decide how to stretch your dollars. Our go-to’s usually include a big box of berries, fresh squeezed juice, and our favorite, the flavored goat cheese // lemon lavender, raspberry peach, garlic & herb. Such a treat especially if friends are coming over!

Two weekends ago we decided to go the opposite direction to the Burbank Farmer’s Market. A much smaller set-up but easier to identify and converse with the local vendors. I met a man who makes and sells local honey || which rumor has it clears your allergies with a teaspoon a day if you’re a seasonal sufferer! And we stood in line for 20+ minutes for a flat of 20 eggs for $4. Love those little hidden secrets.

At the end of a busy work week, we love the adventure & exploration of little local finds. Each weekend we do something a little different, and we just happen to love that. A lot.

Hope you enjoyed a colorful weekend.

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