the beauty of mess

Yesterday afternoon I got home from work & was waiting for Bry to get home shortly after so we could run some errands together & go to the gym. As I looked around the apartment I realized there were several jobs I had left undone during the week, leaving petite messes around our little living space. My usual response would be to shuffle about quickly trying to infuse some organization into the chaos. Instead I slightly enjoyed it…because sometimes the mess is beautiful. It shows that you enjoy living in your home and that you snuggled up on the couch with that unfolded blanket and disheveled pillows and that you didn’t wash the tablespoon sized measuring spoon because you like the way the coffee stains frame the heart shape. It’s the little things that get me. Every. Time.





20130306-151352.jpg And of course at the end of a long day, Scout felt like she really needed some loving from B

20130306-151408.jpg If your Wednesday was a bit messy, I hope you enjoyed it!

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