The Newlyweds.

It’s official–we are now Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Lucas and we couldn’t be more thrilled! The adventures of marriage have begun and we are having the greatest time. Our little Lucas family of two plus our 2 goldfish are finally settled in to our new home and love that there are no more goodbyes followed by long drives home. Bryan has started work with Capin Crouse and loves his job. We are so thankful that the Lord has provided in such a great way. I have been trying to get our little apartment in order and have loved doing the little things like planning meals and making our bed in the morning. Our list of adventures have so far included:: our honeymoon (San Francisco & Laguna), Bryan’s first business trip to Indiana, a last minute road trip to Resolved 2012, a visit to Cars Land, War Horse at the Ahmanson, the marriage of two dear friends, and birthday parties. We are loving every second.

Simple Joy #1: Being married to your best friend.

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